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November 13, 2012
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Samuel Winters tests a new student Malak by rumataestorian Samuel Winters tests a new student Malak by rumataestorian
It's a corrected version, the first version you can find if look in my ID.

The start of my with :icongakusangi: story about...

Paradise Hall

Welcome to Paradise Hall, a top quality care facility for today’s youth.

Paradise Hall is a secure facility for child and teenager treatment, education and rehabilitation, in order to allow them to grow and develop into outstanding citizens in modern society. Our practices are approved and top rated by government organizations and child care representatives the world over. Higher learning, sports and recreation as well as the greatest health care are provided for the youth of today in order to ensure their future for tomorrow.

We Provide Service
Our staff members are handpicked as the most reputed in their fields from medical and health care, to education and counseling. We bring children and young adults onto our campus to grant them all the opportunity, security and attention they will need to flourish in our modern times. State wards, trouble youth and accepted applicants are received and allowed to live on campus with full accommodations from room and board to classrooms for various grade and ability levels and recreation centers for sports, extracurricular activities and staff approved student organizations.

We do hope that you carefully consider us as a provider for you children and teenagers and allow us to grant them the resources they need to better themselves and the world they live in.

-- Headmaster Gregory Burkov
-- Chief Medical Officer Elsa Ronin

Name: Malak
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Height: 4’1”
Weight: 70 lbs.
Eyes: Dark (wears glasses)
Hair: Dark (Long, straight and silky, worn back in a tail)
Skin: Brown
Nationality/Race: (Not even sure this is on earth)

Malak was sent to Paradise Hall as a sort of foreign exchange student, since his people were interested in the practices of the place and what kind of academic benefits it provides. He has a great deal of learning and has studied a lot of the culture in order to understand and avoid offending others while he’s at the school. He speaks pretty decent English, if a bit proper and long, but well-spoken all the same.

Malak is a very polite, respectful and quite boy, often very cautious, but seems to fall in with people that are the opposite of himself and finding them (though a bit challenging) much more relaxing to be around most of the time. He seems to understand that he needs a yin to his yang and a wild and loud personality seems to make him more comfortable, even if association gets him into trouble. He’s not extremely adventurous or athletic with a small, thin body, but very smart and often understanding. He eats lean and doesn’t like confrontation or being the center of attention, but sometimes he gets flustered and carried away in things.

Sexual Orientation: (As yet unknown)

Malak loves reading, studying, spending time quietly sitting and being warm (keeping warm seems to be something he loves immensely since it’s much colder here than what he’s used to). He loves working with his hands when he can, fond of folding paper to make works of art and can even knit and sew.

Random Facts:
Malak is really good at tying knots and untying them as well. He has been tied up before as a prank and had to get out, the whole experience as a bit embarrassing but in good humor.

Malak is extremely ticklish and the only way to really get him laughing is by tickling him since he doesn’t often understand most jokes.

Malak has a great deal of respect for authority figures, more specifically woman whom he’s very timid around.

Malak’s favorite subjects are history and geography.

Malak is very honest and respectful, but also very protective of people he cares about, even if that lands him in trouble to get them out of it.

Name: Doctor Samuel Winters
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 145 lbs.
Eyes: Sapphire blue (wears glasses)
Hair: Brown (Short and slicked back)
Skin: White
Nationality/Race: American (Not even sure this is on earth)

Samuel is from a very urban area. He attended private schools for his standardized learning and was accepted into the finest of higher learning. He excelled in psychology and sociology and began an early career in mental health working in a ward. He found out about Paradise Hall and put in his application, soon accepted into their staff. He only comes to the clinic twice a month to evaluate the children there and make sure they’re mentally “fit” for all the procedures there.

Samuel is a very quiet and good natured fellow, but he does consider this a job over anything else. He tries to be personable and dumb things down so everyone’s on the same page, but he isn’t really a member of the clinic staff full-time and viewed primarily as an outsider despite trying to be approachable. Children seem to trust him well enough and he doesn’t often lose his temper, maintaining patience, but anything that happens in the room with him is carefully documented and staff authorized to view these reports and take action based on them.

Sexual Orientation: Potentially homosexual

Sam can have a few unconventional practices in his work, such as requiring all children he sees keep a dream journal and review them with him. He also uses a focus exercise that isn’t exactly hypnosis, instead making the children concentrate while they answer questions by following the tip of his finger back and forth. He also taps his temple whenever he’s thinking very hard, seems to help him keep focus and reach conclusions faster.

Random Facts:
Samuel was the junior regional champion chess player when he was younger, he still plays online chess when he’s at home.

Samuel always has a different shirt each time he visits the clinich.

Samuel has never been seen to drink anything but bottled water.

Sam keeps a gym whistle around his neck, but why it’s there is a mystery.

Samuel’s “office” is an open room with a sofa and a lounge chair, it also has board games, art supplies and some stuffed toys in it for the kids.
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I discover this painting only now...very very beautufil. I know is old but i hope you can read this... if i were you i have created an ecg monitor with the pulse rate of the subject and also an ekg machine with the paper and the brain waves... but is very good also now! Please, create a story with this subject and other experiments on this strange "school"...i'm very envious for Malak... I would like to be in his shoes, naked on this exam table, experimented and studied for strange research, electrode on my nipples like him and also some electrode on the sole of the foot... to having a complete monitoration in the highest and also in the lawest point of my body... sorry for my digression of my deeper dreams :P create other of this beautiful work , i will follow you for ever ;) very good painter!! :D
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Wanderer619 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012
Well Done
gakusangi Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
Malak: I still do not see the point of this test ^^;
rumataestorian Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Sam: well, if you don't stop talking and start answering my questions we should add two more electrodes in such places... you will not like it ;)
gakusangi Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
Malak: :ohnoes:
rumataestorian Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Sam: okay, okay, just kidding. Let's talk about your parents...
gakusangi Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
Malak: o_O
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